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DIY Beads is a traveling bead company that exhibits at small and large events, where people can come and make their own jewellery.


I got the idea for DIY Beads when I was at a Christian festival and I saw a bead company there doing what I now do. I said to myself “I can do that.” And a few years later, I did!


Like all things, it started small doing local schools and events.


I started with four wooden bead trays and now I have enough to fill two 6ft tables.


We started doing small local one day events and now we do Christian festivals that range from two to seven days days traveling from the South West to the East Midlands.


We don’t just do Christian events; we still love doing school fairs and events that help charities i.e. the RSPCA and the armed forces.



I have done a lot of events in a lot of places and through them, my beads have travelled to a lot of countries.


To me, this is an achievement.



The aim of my business is to enable people of all ages to both make jewellery and have fun being finding their creativity.


We are located at:

11 Pembury Grove


Kent TN9 2BS

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