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Welcome to our Fun Beads Page.

You can choose from our Spiky Rubber Beads, Dice and Footballs, or Neon Stars and Flowers to be a part of your next creative project.

All these beads have wholes that will fit our threads.

If there is anything you think we should be stocking please let us know .


Spicky Rubber Beads

Spiky Rubber Bead come in three sizes 10mm Round 8mm Round and 15mm Tube. The Spikes themselves make the beads larger.


The 8mm Round Beads and the Tube beads come in these colours:

Black & White, Black & Red, Black & Yellow, Black &Green, Blue & White Blue & Green, Pink & Purple, Pink & Light Pink, Purple & Lavender, 4 Coloured Rainbow and Rainbow


The 10mm Round Beads come in these colours:

Black & White, Black & Red, Black & Yellow, Black &Green, 4 coloured Rainbow   and Rainbow


Dice Beads



These dice Beads are 9mm in sise and have 6 sides but no number 6's as they have two 1's for wholes.


Colours are:

Black, White. Orange, Blue, Green, Pink and Purple.




Our Football Beads are made of wood  and they are


They come in these Colours:

Red and Whte, Blue and White, Light Blue and White and Blacand Whitek

Rubber Star Beads



These Rubber Stars come in Fun Neon Colours

Ther whole is through the point and then back thoung the point on the inside of the star.


They come in:

Meon Green, Neon Orange and Neon Purple

Neon Flower Beads



These Neon Tubber Flowers are realy fun and bright.

There whole is though one of the pettles and then the rhtead vomes out btween thow of the others.


The Flowers come in:

Neon Pink, Neon Orange , Neon Green, Neon Puple and Neon Yellow 

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